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Running Machine

Running Machine is an interdisciplinary work created by a team of Australian and Japanese artists, considering visible and invisible labour. Choreography, dramaturgy, sculpture and digital elements work in sync to conjure a world that is shifting, unstable and constantly surprising. Expectations are constructed and then subverted as the familiar limits and meanings of the human body begin to crumble beneath us.


Audiences move through video projections of shifting scale, making their own way through the interior of the work itself. A treadmill runs persistently, the pace-maker at the heart of work. Running Machine undermines the traditionally transactional contract between audience and artwork: the artists use subtle directives, nonverbal communication and soft cues to produce active situations and invite interactions. The audience-artist relationship becomes an affective mirror, each side informing the other.


Originally developed in Fujiyoshida, Running Machine has emerged from interactions with specific sites in both Japan and Naarm. Mountains, empty streets and found objects interact with the visual and conceptual palette of the work to reshape both cities and the natural landscape.

The Running Machine show is presented as part of BLEED – a biennial live event in the everyday digital – featuring contemporary arts commissions across multiple IRL and digital platforms. Explore the Running Machine 360 video experience here.






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